Wardãh Beauty Haul

I can’t even recall the first time I came across Wardãh Beauty. All I remember is that I’ve wanted to try out their products for the longest time!

The Indonesian brand’s core principles involve developing products that are:

  1. Pure and Safe – Wardãh’s skin care and cosmetics are produced using all natural, halal, and safe ingredients. Their products are developed using the latest technology, and under high supervision of well experienced pharmacists and dermatologists.
  2. Beauty Expert – It doesn’t matter what your mood is, what your personality may be or what the occasion is. Wardãh beauty works very hard to be there for you in every need with their wide range of fresh cosmetic colors and high quality skin care.
  3. Inspiring Beauty – Beauty starts with you! Wardãh Beauty believes that cosmetics are not just for your body, but for your soul! How powerful is that statement?!

Their inspirational brand ambassadors reflect modern women excelling in their fields. The full list of ambassadors are listed below and linked to their Instagram accounts. Btw, You should check out their profiles for inspiration every now and then!

During my stay in Indonesia, I made sure to visit as many Wardãh Beauty stalls as I could find, and I bought a couple of things that I’ve been loving and using on a regular basis 🙂

The first thing I asked the sales lady was the new Wardãh Beauty Intense Matte Lipstick in Miss Terracotta, and to my surprise it was the only shade that they had that particular day, in fact she was still unboxing them! Talk about luck 😀 The NEW Intense Matte Lipsticks have just been introduced to the Indonesian beauty world , so the sales lady was surprised that an Arab lady just walked in to the store asking for a specific shade :’) Any who, did you notice how the box it came in matched the lipstick color? I was so impressed with that alone! Can you see how gorgeous this shade is? I don’t know why, but there is something about bold lip colors that make me feel like a BAWS! Also, despite the fact that this is a Matte, it doesn’t make your lips looking as dry as the Sahara desert.

I also grabbed two of the Long Lasting Lipsticks as well (shades 09 – Vibrant Red and 12 – Lustrous Red, which I absolutely love as well). The formulas of these two however are slightly on the dry side. I found that when I apply them over dry lips, its a bit hard to work with. However, its not really an issue if you apply some lip balm before applying the lipstick. I haven’t yet had the chance to test out how long they really last, so will have to let you all know in the more detailed individual blog posts that will be coming up soon. Side note: Notice the packaging of the Intense Matte Lipstick (above) is exactly the same as the Long lasting ones. The  main difference is the matte ones come with a white sticker at the bottom that contains the shade and number. Also the Matte ones come in a box, while the long lasting ones don’t. 



I actually got this after a  friend recommended it to me. She swore by it and said I have to try it out. Naturally I got it 😛 Let me tell you this, she was RIGHT! I’ve tried many body scrubs before, and you know what this body scrub taught me? You can still give your skin a thorough scrub using gentle exfoliants. The result? Girls, my body was glowing for 3 days! I couldn’t believe that the skin I was looking at was actually mine. I’ve never had such healthy, glowing skin that felt so soft and hydrated before! The reason I was able to notice such a difference is because I’ve used many body scrubs that are quite harsh on the skin, and ended up with really dry, irritated skin. I continued using them because I thought ” with beauty comes pain “. Well I was wrong.


” I don’t really need another nude matte lipstick” said no one ever! That should be enough to summarize this purchase right? Honestly I just got this coz I was surprised by how similar it looked to Sleek’s Matt Me in Birthday Suit. But after applying it, The difference was noticeable. The Wardãh Beauty Exclusive matte lip creme in See You Latte is more of a pinkish – coral nude, while the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suite is a brownish nude. Out of all the things I got from Wardãh Beauty, this will take the least favorite spot. I’m not fond of the applicator, it is very flimsy that I can’t really apply the lip creme on without looking like Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad 😀


The Wardãh Expert optimum eye liner has taken the 1st spot in my eye liner collection. Sorry Barry M, but you were taken down your throne. I don’t even know where to begin expressing my love for it. The packaging is very sleek, simple and modern. I love that it is silver in color unlike most eye liners (always in black!), it is very light and easy to work with too! The best thing about it will have to be the high quality nib that isn’t too thick or thin. This really helps me in getting the perfect winged eye liner look within a minute ( for both eyes!!). The intensity of the blackness of the liner is just insane! It is so black that one coat is enough. Finally, it is very long lasting, you could probably get away with 10+ hours without having to retouch every couple of hours. I did have a little of fading happen due to me rinsing my face a couple of times during the day in preparation for prayers.


I got this after noticing my skin wasn’t coping well to the Indonesian sun. I usually don’t go for anything that contains the words “whitening” nevertheless, I decided to give it a go knowing the background of Wardãh Beauty. I think it is very important to note that I’m really impressed with their exfoliants in general. Be it a body or facial scrub, Wardãh Beauty has mastered the art of developing gentle exfoliants that really work in to the skin to remove all the dead skin cells leaving behind bright, healthy looking skin, without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. They really are amazing and just goes to prove that you don’t need harsh exfoliants that will eventually irritate and harm your skin.

That’s the end of my haul :p Have you purchased any of these items before? Let me know in the comment section below what is your favorite Wardãh Beauty product <3

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