The Gingerbread Box – PINKTOBER [ OCTOBER Edition]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I’m super happy that this month’s Gingerbread box was full of delicious cute pink treats to support the cause! October’s box features a number of treats from Sugaholic – A Guinness World Record holder for world’s tallest cupcake tower as of April 2016.

So what was in this box?


Classic Brownie: Yummilicious brownie with a fudgy, melt in your mouth texture.  I kid you not, but this is honestly among the most delicious brownies my taste buds ever tasted *happy dance* I clearly remember how every bite just melted away in my mouth, I honestly forgot all my stress and troubles while eating that brownie. I need more asap!


 Love Yourself Cake Pop: Chocolate cake with Sugaholic’s famous icing dipped in delicious Belgian white chocolate with a fondant breast cancer ribbon. I’ve never actually had a cake pop before (I know, I know, where have I been all this time?!) So when I saw this in my box, I was already satisfied! Do you see how cute it looks?! I literally spent about 30 minutes trying to convince myself to eat it, little did I know how much my taste buds would love it and crave for more!


Pinktober cookie: Butter cookie uniquely customized with a fondant breast cancer logo. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste this one, but apparently my mum and sister loved it. The fondant was a tad too sweet, but it was tasty and suitable for an afternoon tea snack 🙂


Sugaholic’s Cake Jar: Moist vanilla pink cake with vanilla frosting. I love the unique packaging style! Its so pinterest-y. Who would’ve thought to serve cake in a cute sized jar? I certainly wouldn’t have! The cake? It was delicious!


Melt your heart cupcake: A moist vanilla cupcake with a chocolate ganache filling topped with a fondant pink heart.  This delicious cake was almost too adorable to eat! I didn’t get to taste this one as well as one of my brothers snatched it before I got to taste it. But by the looks of it, it tasted good!

All in all I’m very happy with this month’s box. More importantly, I’m happy to have tasted Sugaholic’s delicious treats. I loved their classic brownie and cake pop, that I’m actually getting some more today along with their signature Maltesers cake for my brother’s birthday 😀

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