The Gingerbread Box – BEAT THE HEAT [ July Edition]

This month I decided to pamper myself a bit in the spirit of Eid. So I signed up for The Gingerbread Box – BEAT THE HEAT July box, and I LOVED it!

What was in this month’s box?


whats in the box - july

Credits: The Gingerbread Box

[Before continuing with the post, I would like to give a shoutout to the customer service team, for being so helpful and always being there for their customers no matter what time of the day or night it may be.  Thank YOU Safiya! <3]

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Upon opening the box I noticed one thing – all the brands were new to me. This was perfect as I love trying out new things and this is the best way to do so. Many subscription boxes usually let me down when I notice that more than half the contents of the box are things I’ve tried or own, but this one didn’t 😀



DSC_0447Honestly, the first thing that grabbed my attention had to be the Yemeni Wildflower Honey by Blossom Honey. Honey is well known for its never ending health benefits and uses, which is why I try to incorporate it to my meals on a daily basis. I actually met the founder over a year ago at an Instagram event held by melltoo, and have been keeping my eye on the company ever since 😛 Can we just take a moment to appreciate their packaging? It is absolutely gorgeous – very chic and elegant, I love it! Being Yemeni myself, I can always tell good honey quality just by the scent, then confirm by tasting. The Wildflower honey definitely passed the test with flying colors. What I really enjoyed is the generous quantity that was provided. 150ml of this pure goodness will probably last me a whole week or two 😀 I love my honey, and this one in particular will be repurchased over and over again.

Interesting fact: Blossom Honey also stocks a creamy white honey. Even though I’m Yemeni, I’ve never seen or heard of it before. So I’m eager to try this one out asap! 

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green grasshopper browniesAnother Item that really caught my attention was the Green Grasshopper Brownies by Oushé Gourmet Bakeshop. I’ve never tried anything from Oushé till date so I was excited to give these a try. I will not lie, the name of this brownie definitely threw me off guard :’) Any one I mentioned it to assumed grasshoppers were one of it’s main ingredients 😀 Aside from that, these brownies were delicious! At first it was quite odd, the brownies were super soft that they melt in your mouth, but then there is a burst of flavor and the peppermint stands out. Delicious it might be, it was a tad too sweet for my taste buds. There was no way I would’ve been able to eat it all in one sitting. Thank God for having siblings eh 😉 I do see my self recommending this flavor to my friends 🙂

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DSC_0436A lovely touch catering to the Eid theme was the Mastic and Rose Baklava by MastihaShop. The Baklavas came in a lovely packaging that I think is perfect for those days you feel like distributing some sweets around the office. In each of the packets I received was one ginormous baklava held in a plastic container. The Baklavas were very rich in flavor that in a single bite, you would’ve been able to guess all the different nuts that was in it. Due to my braces, I couldn’t really bite in to them, but I was able to get a tiny bite from both and select a favorite – Rose Baklava 😀 The Rose Baklava had a lovely aroma of rosewater that instantly made my body want to unwind and relax while enjoying every bite. I have to admit that both flavors are on the sweet side. I was only able to take one bite at a time rather than gobble the whole piece down in just one sitting  like I usually do with the smaller baklavas we are all used to 😛 On another note, I really loved the concept, and I do see myself getting some to distribute around during parties or celebrations.

Interesting fact: Mastihashop is an international franchise hailing from Greece. They currently have outlets in Athens, New York, Jeddah, Mecca, Paris, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Chios, Dubai. The major surprise to me was that Mastihashop is actually a department store concept offering chocolates, sweets, speciality sweet and savory products, cosmetics and skincare, pharmaceuticals, gifts as well as exotic coffee, ice cream, deserts and milkshakes. Who would’ve thought?!

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coconut waterSummer heat means one thing – the struggle to stay hydrated! I always try and reach for coconut water whenever I can during the summer just to make sure my hydration levels don’t drastically drop. My love for coconut water has no end, I can go on and on raving about its health benefits or how you could add it to different smoothies and benefit from it, but you could just read my other blog post on Foco coconut water to find out more about that 😛 This one in particular was the GoCoCo Coconut Water by Koita Foods. ” GoCoCo” – The name itself sounds cool, right? 😀 I enjoyed this one, however it did have what I call a ‘nutty taste’ to it, I’m not sure if anyone would relate, but thought I should point it out 😛 Because I’ve travelled a lot I’ve tasted coconut water originating from a number of countries. Every country’s coconut water has a unique taste to it. The ones from Kenya for example, have a refreshing sweet taste to it, while the ones from Thailand have a nutty taste to it. All are equally delicious, but I guess I’m used to the Kenyan ones more. I still enjoyed this one though and do see myself reaching out for it, just not as much as the ones I’m used to 😛

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DSC_0453I never thought I’d say I tried something before it was out in the market, but guess what? I just did 😀 😀 How exciting! So in this box came a new product that hasn’t been launched yet, and it is the Sparkling Exotic Juice Drink by Rubicon. I got the Mango flavored one, and it tasted better than I expected. The moment I took a sip, I was instantly in holiday mood, to be specific, I felt like I was in a fancy resort  (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know :P) The thing I was surprised by the most would have to be its nutritional information. It has 49kcal / 100ml, 0g fat, and 12.1g carbohydrates (11.3g of which are sugars). It also has no artificial sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarians. Despite the fact that I enjoyed it, I don’t see myself reaching out for this very often as I’m not a juice person, I prefer to stick to water and coconut water 😛

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DSC_0452For most people, Eid is the period of time where all sorts of diets are thrown out of the window, at least for me 😛 So I usually like to kickstart my healthy eating habits by detoxing and healthy eating. The Honey and Barberries Granola by Barsalata was the right motivation for me 😀 I can already see myself using this one in a number of recipes, top of the list however, has to be the Coconut-Chia, Mango and Granola Parfait recipe that was kindly provided by chef Reda Badran – Executive chef at Barsalata.

Fun fact: Did you know the word “salata” actually means Salad in Arabic? Well, now you do 😀

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Finally, this box also came with a cute apron from DriDri Gelato and a bunch of coupons 😀 See you in next month’s unboxing blog 😛

Congrats for reading that long post! My gift to you is the Coconut – Chia, Mango & Granola Parfait.  Now we can all enjoy this parfait together 🙂


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