The Gingerbread Box – Back to School [September Edition]

Although my years of being a student are long gone, I was still quite excited to open up this box. I always have a soft spot for cute snack sized packages that reminds me of my good old school days. It just takes me back to that time when I used to open up my snack box during break time and see all the things mum had packed for me 🙂

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This box came with a number of delicious goodies that I can’t wait to try out. Also there was a good mixture of healthy and naughty treats in September’s box  which pleases both the adult and kid in me 😀 Lets get started with the contents shall we?

made-goodWe got 2 Mini Museli packs from Made Good which is always a good thing to have around when you are trying to watch your weight. Coincidentally, I purchased the full sized version of the Made Good Chocolate Banana Museli Minis from Carrefour, nevertheless, quite happy to see a new flavor that I haven’t tried out yet 🙂 The single portion sachets are quite handy on the go too 😀

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Can we take a moment to appreciate the cuteness that is the Koita organic milk! The moment my siblings saw them, a war erupted as they all fought for them.Once everyone calmed down, I was able to have a good look at the packaging. Did you know that Koita Organic milk is low fat, has no preservatives, and contains Vitamins A and D3? I didn’t 😛  I hope more parents pack these in to their kids lunch boxes, We need to start teaching them the healthy lifestyle from a young age!

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The gummy worms were a pleasant surprise! I completely threw my diet out the window when I saw these, lucky enough I have 3 young siblings that snatched it away from me as soon as they saw it. Interestingly enough, these are the best gummy worms I’ve ever tasted. They were delicious and I would have to find out the brand asap!


We also got two Greek products that I’ve never seen or tried before, which is always exciting 😀 The sesame and cocoa spread tasted better than I had initially expected, but is definitely an acquired taste. I can already imagine myself enjoying this as an afternoon snack on some rice cakes. The dark chocolate has 2 of my favorite ingredients – almonds and salted caramel! Also, to my delight, it is only 136 kcals per 5 squares 😀 Hopes are high for this one, hopefully it won’t disappoint.


Seeing this got me dancing in happiness with tears of joy! Oushe’s Beautiful Blondie Cookie is as big as a Subway cookie and contains walnuts and chocolate chips. Cookies always manage to lift up my mood. Cookies are life! This one in particular is from Oushe, so I know I will love it. Can’t wait to dig in to it soon 😀

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That was everything in my Gingerbread box this month. Enjoyed the wide variety and quantity of items. I also appreciated the different brands. All in all this month’s Gingerbread box is another hit!


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