Schwarzkopf #StyleMyHairDXb Event

Truly honored to have been invited to yet another event organized by Schwarzkpof and Carnival Health Spa 2. However, unlike the previous event, this one was aimed towards hair styling. We can all agree a messy bun is the way to go when it comes to styling our hair. In fact you are probably reading this blog with your hair in a disheveled bun. It’s effortless, takes less than 2 min. and you instantly upgrade your look from just woke up to busy lady with goals to crushEmilia Luka, Schwarzkpof’s hair stylist and technical adviser, amazed us all with her talent when in comes to making any hairstyle look so easy and effortless.

Throughout the event, Emilia shared her best tips and tricks to get the hairstyle of choice by getting the most of the products you own. First and foremost, we should always use heat protecting spray on our hair prior to blowdrying or straightening our hair. This step will ensure that your hair will remain healthy and undamaged from all the heat. Next, just like everything else, plan plan plan! You need to plan ahead of time what style you will be going for. This will help you select the right products and hair condition to achieve the desired look. For example, if the hairstyle requires some volume then the Osis+ Dust It mattifying powder is the product you’d need.

We referred to this as Magic Dust. Even with freshly washed hair, the Osis+ Dust It would be the you’d have product to sprinkle at your roots to get the matte texture needed to lift and add volume to the hair. So if you are going for the Jennifer Lopez kind of volume and curls, this would probably be a good product to diy your way through it ?  The Dust It powder can also be used to give your ponytails a much needed makeover and turn it a voluminous affair

During the event, Emilia showed us how easy it was to get 2 looks that take less than 10 minutes each. One was a Kim Kardashian inspired ponytail, while the other was a easy to achieve glamorous ponytail. It will probably take us longer since we don’t have the skills as of yet, but they do look easy to achieve and let’s admit it, both models look stunning!

I swear to you, Schwarzkpof gives the most generous goodie bags, and I LOVE IT! Check out my instagram ( for more details

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