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As part of my “experience more things in life” mission, one of the things on my 2018 bucket list was to get a major hair makeover that I actually love. Earlier this week, I got to tick that off my list after my visit to Rossano Ferretti thanks to TishTash.


About Rossano Ferretti:

Rossano Ferretti is the beauty industry’s leading name in hair care. Leveraging a unique brand philosophy and hairstyling technique entitled “The Method”, Rossano Ferretti hair spas offer highly personalized services that maximize the individual beauty and overall wellness of each client.

With celebrity clientele such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Salma Hayek, Rossano Ferretti has salons in Rome, Madrid, LA, Monaco, New York, Paris, London, Beijing, and now Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  

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My experience:

My hair is naturally curly (soft curls). I prefer my natural curls over straight hair, unfortunately, I really have no clue when it comes to products for curly hair, or how to use them in order to maintain my natural curls. This means I end up with my hair tied up in a bun 24/7 365.

Jennie, my hairdresser at Rossano Ferretti, was honestly Godsend. She is just the sweetest and kindest, not to mention a talented hairdresser. By far the best when it came to dealing with my hair. Her advice on what colour combination would work best for me considering I have dark pre-coloured hair that I didn’t want to bleach was on point!

As soon as I was seated at my station, Jennie started analyzing my hair and advising on what would be the best way to go after I told her what I envisioned. As I didn’t want to bleach my hair we opted for a mix of 2 vibrant shades (red and purple),  a major chop revealing a new hairstyle and the Kerastase fast ritual hair treatment.


30 minutes later …

It was time to wash off the dye and proceed with the Kerastase Fast Ritual hair treatment. I was moved to their hair wash and treatment station (how aesthetically pleasing is it?!). Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the two lovely ladies that washed my hair and applied the treatment but let me tell you, they were so gentle and caring, it felt like a mother gently washing her baby’s hair. The little scalp massages here and there were so relaxing I had to occupy myself with Instastories to prevent myself from falling asleep!

The Kerastase Fast Ritual treatment is a fairly quick one but very effective. My hair has never looked/felt this soft and healthy before. This is the one treatment I will get on the regular.


30 minutes later …

Back to the hair styling station with freshly washed hair, it was time to chop and style. Jennie got the hairstyle spot on! I’ve never seen my hair transform like that in a matter of a few hours. Tears were in my eyes as I almost couldn’t recognize the reflection in the mirror.

The moment she added some curls to my hair, I felt like a movie star about to walk on the red carpet. My Snapchat gallery is witness to all the selfies I took that day. I would’ve shared my transformation, but I am a hijabi so my word will have to do LOL!


My thoughts during the process

The whole session lasted 3.5 hours. Time flew by as it should when you’ve been pampered and treated like a queen. Every member of staff was professional, incredibly kind and caring. It’s extremely rare for me to be this happy with a service, but Rossano Ferretti, y’all are on to something and you’ve snatched yourself a new return customer 😉

As Jennie worked on my hair, the rest of the staff were very hospitable. I felt right at home with an endless supply of green tea, camomile tea, and brownies☺ Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate how snazzy their cups are! As I sipped away on my tea, Jennie and I had a lovely talk about her 17+ years of worldwide experience (it felt like I was talking to one of my closest friends!)

By the way! During the whole process, Jennie was super helpful and generous with hair care tips for taming my curly hair. I truly appreciated that. Till date, everyone has told me to get keratin done to straighten my curls as it just makes life easier for everyone.


Final thoughts

All in all my experience at Rossano Ferretti has definitely been a game changer for my hair. Their high-quality products and service made a world of a difference when it comes to how my hair looks and feels (even though it’s already been 3 days!). Among the things I appreciated in their service was their high-quality performance and how all their advice and service was based on my natural hair type rather than trying to convince me to straighten it then and there.

Highly recommend and Rossano Ferretti has just become my go-to salon for all my hair needs!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Natasha, Founder of Tishtash, for hooking me up to try out Rossano Ferretti’s services. Without this opportunity, my hair would have continued being a hot mess!

** This review is not sponsored. There was a discount on all my services however, all opinions are my own and honestly based on the experience I’ve had during my time at Rossano Ferretti **

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