Quaker’s New Good Start Biscuit [Review]

I was lucky enough to get a 2 boxes of Quaker’s New Good Start Biscuit delivered to my doorstep courtesy of Taskspotting ( an app that allows you to get rewarded for simple tasks for brands – currently available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait). I must say I’m impressed!

Quaker oats

Quaker’s new Good Start Biscuits are the perfect way to get your busy day started as it serves as a breakfast on the go. As I am quite the lazy person in the morning, I usually opt for something light & quick or nothing at all ( and yes, I do know how bad that is). Cooking breakfast as soon as I wake up is just not my cup of tea! However, I do care about my health and the kind of food I eat, so grabbing a packet of these delicious nutritional biscuits is perfect for me. It gives me the right amount of energy and peace of mind to start my day right!

Now to get to the actual facts behind these scrumptious biscuits:

  • These biscuits are BAKED using Whole Wheat Quaker Oats ( Fun Fact: did you know Oats have cholesterol-lowering powers?  They contain a soluble fiber, known as beta-glucan fiber which acts as a sponge. It soaks up the cholesterol and transports it out of the body. )
  • High in fiber ( Fact: Fiber is essential to our well being as it aids in maintaining your weight, reduces the risks of getting type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, as well as promotes intestinal health )
  • Guilt free biscuits – 203 kcal for the chocolate biscuit and 201 kcal for the cranberry biscuit
  • 1 serving = 3 tasty biscuits.

My thoughts?

  • Tastes great for something that is quite good for you
  • The chocolate flavored biscuits are my personal favorite. The cranberry one was slightly too sweet for my liking – I can’t have more than 1 biscuit in one sitting.
  • The biscuits don’t crumble easily, which is great! You wont mess up your clothes or the place up with crumbles  – great for a snack in the car or in public
  • Their packaging is quite sturdy and small enough to throw in your handbag for your breakfast on the go or a mid day snack
  • It’s very unique in terms of taste and appeals to all age groups ( even kids as young as 5! )

As I had many to go around, I distributed the biscuits to my family and they shared some with their colleagues and friends. We all had one thing in common – we all equally enjoyed and loved them! Thank you Quaker for providing us with a healthier option of breakfast on the go! Definitely going to buy more very soon!

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