MAY this month mark change…

Happy 1st day of MAY 2017!

I’m definitely one of those people that live by over used and abused “New year, new me” resolution, you’d also catch me saying things like “New month, new me.”, ” New week, new me” and even “New day. New me.” Although I do agree that change of old habits or even the start of new ones can happen at any point in time, sometimes putting an effort to start something new at a particular point in time enables me to organize the thoughts in my head and be mentally prepared.

Today marks the first day of May, and just like any other month I have a few things I’d like to focus on. From getting my fitness levels back on track to focusing on blogging more. May is all about fine-tuning things in my life, and improving my skills one small step at a time.

I often find that when we plan for a change or starting something new, we are overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. I’ve been guilty of that far too many times and if there is one thing I learned from the whole experience, is to always break down everything in to smaller manageable chunks that you can easily cross off during the day. Ticking off a task from your to do list will always give you a sense of accomplishment and get you one step closer to your end goal.

For the month of May, I’ve decided to focus on 6 main aspects of my life:

Focus more on ME & MY OPINIONS

Over the past couple of month’s I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been accepting every offer / suggestion that comes to the table without really looking in to matters carefully. Don’t get me wrong, they were all by genuinely nice people. However, because I didn’t have it in me to disappoint them by my rejection of their offers, I let myself down by accepting them and doing thing I may not particularly enjoy or don’t have the time for. On a more positive note, there were times where I learned a heap load of new things, and discovered new things that interest me.

Focus: Listen to what others have to offer, and don’t give an answer then and there. Wait it off and think about it from all aspects. It’s also important to note that your intuition may always be correct, however, don’t let it stop you from trying  things out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

MAY is the month to Be CONTENT

What is meant for you will always find a way to you no matter what. There is no point trying to get from one point to another by using shortcuts and crossing some lines. I’ve only been exposed to the dark side of blogging for a couple of months now, and in all honesty it saddens me how far some people can go to get to a certain number of followers or likes. Just like everything else in life, hard work is needed to get to where you aspire to be (even when it comes to followers and likes). Somedays will be unbearably hard, some will be really good. Ultimately we all search for long term success and happiness, and that can only come when we start being honest in everything we do.

Focus: Always remember why you started, and stick with it. If things don’t work out, it was probably not meant for you in the first place. Your key to success was meant for another door.

MAY we be more ACTIVE

Not gonna lie, last month I wasn’t feeling it. The entire process of going to the gym was a task I dreaded. Eventually I stopped and gave myself a 3 week break just to get my thoughts sorted. Did I gain weight? Most probably so, but something more important came out of it.

My 3 week hiatus resulted in an epiphany – going to the gym is not only be about weight loss. It should be about getting your health back. Keep obsessing over the numbers on the scale, or the numbers on your fitbit ( guilty as charged ) chances are you’ll soon be overwhelmed and eventually hate the process. It’s important to take things slow. Rather than having a deadline of losing 2 kilos a week, try to minimize the number of times you order food, or cut down your sugar / carb intake. Don’t go on an deprivation mode either, you will most likely binge eat everything back. Good changes start small and take time. Take the time to work on your health and master the craft. That will last forever.

Focus: It’s not a race to find out who can lose the maximum amount of weight in x amount of time. Being healthy is more than a physical attribute. Mental health is equally important.


This one goes hand in hand with being more active. Our ultimate goal is to be healthy and treat our bodies with care so that they can support us as we age. Besides working out, eating clean is the best way to go by it. Cutting down on processed sugars and unnecessary fats is my goal for the month of May. It will be hard, but it’s a step closer to cleansing my body and getting rid of all the toxins.

[Tip: Drink a glass of hot water and lemon slices first thing in the morning to help flush out all the toxins in your body]

Focus: Eating healthy should be part of your life. Not only does clean eating help you feel better about your body, over time it will stimulate your brain to be more active and responsive to it’s surroundings. Win-win situation


The benefits of reading are endless. But let’s be realistic, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to read. I went through that phase and it lasted for almost 2 years. Then I realized, it’s not about finding the time, but making the time to read. Believe me, once I put an effort in to making the time to read did things start to change. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Recently, I’ve been spending hours on end reading blog posts up on Bloglovin’ It’s one of the best tools to keep track and catch up on everyone’s blogs. The Bloglovin’ app is just perfect for reading while commuting. Follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with my blog!


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Focus: Read 1 book per week and catch up on as many blog posts as possible.


Something I keep reminding myself to do, yet somehow manage to drift back to same old habits. Dwelling on the past for long will take a toll on you. Heck, it will take a toll on anyone! There is nothing good that can come out of it except remembering a lesson learned. On the same note, we should stop focusing all our time and efforts planning for the future. Everything can change in a blink of an eye. It’s time we start training our brain to be mentally present at all times.

Enjoy life to the fullest as and when we go through it. 5 years from now you wouldn’t want to look back and think “Dang it! I spent way too much time thinking about the past. Now I have nothing to look back on.” or “Majority of the things I thought would happen in the future didn’t even happen”

Focus: Be present. Immerse your self with your surroundings and the people around you. Time flies and one day everything you’d miss everything you once took for granted.

These are the things I will be focusing on this May and hopefully get a step closer to being the person I aspire to become. What are your plans for this month? How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals? 

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