Korean Themed Glambox!

This month, Glambox won my heart! Can you imagine the look on my face when I opened the box to find it full of Korean beauty products?! It’s every K-beauty lover’s dream! Glambox, you did real good by me this month!

If you are not familiar with Glambox: 

Glambox is a monthly beauty subscription box that contains 5-6 deluxe beauty samples for you to test out as well as multiple discount vouchers at well known hotspots in UAE. The boxes feature a variety of categories and brands making it a perfect method for you to try out different products without spending on the full sized versions. The best part is every box is unique and curated to the user.

Also, with every completed transaction and completed survey on Glambox, you earn Glampoints, which you can redeem to get products on their online store.

Interested in getting a subscription? Check out their offers below

  • 3 Months – 239 AED (80 AED / month)
  • 6 Months – 449 AED (75 AED / month)
  • 12 Months – 849 AED (71 AED / month)

*Glambox currently delivers to the UAE & KSA*

This month’s box came with 6 Korean beauty products from 3 different brands: The Face Shop, Missha, and Skin79. I must say I’m over the moon seeing Missha’s products in my box. I’ve been wanting to try out their skincare products for the longest time!

So what was in this month’s box?

Missha Super Aqua Ice Tear Trial Kit:

This cute box came with a 15ml hydrating & refreshing toner and a 15ml moisturizing & softening emulsion. Missha is well known for their Time Revolution range, in particular their “Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence” has been a bloggers favorite for a while now, and has been on my wish list for a while. The most exciting news however, is that Missha is now available in Dubai! This is bad news for my wallet, but hey, it’s Missha!

Missha Middle East Social Media: 

Instagram: @missha_me     |    Facebook:   Missha    |     Twitter:  @Missha_ME      |    Website: https://www.misshame.com/

Skin79 Brow Class Mascara (01 Natural Brown) & Wonder Fix brush liner (02 brown):


I’ve been trying out Skin 79’s products for a while now, so naturally, I was quite excited to see that the brand was featured in yet another Glambox. Was so happy to see the Brow Mascara in there, but to my disappointment its the wrong shade. Although it says brown, its more of a blonde brown than a natural brown. Might give this one away :/

What I’m really liking is the wonder fix brush liner, the brush tip makes it very easy to get the perfect winged liner, and it has a long staying power. The one I got was in the shade 02 brown, meaning it is perfect for a simple and natural makeup look.

Skin79 UAE Social Media: 

Instagram: @skin79uae   |   Twitter:  @Skin79UAE     |    Website: https://www.skin79.ae/

The Face Shop Cherry Cherry Lips Gel Patch, Melting Color Lip Creamer (02 candy violet), Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff: 


It’s so exciting to see the products that you’ve always wanted to try out in a Glambox. That’s how I felt about all of The Face Shop’s products. I’ve seen the Cherry Cherry Lips Gel Patch all over my instagram feed lately, and was curious yet skeptical about it’s performance. I guess, it won’t be too long before I find out myself ;p

The next product that caught my attention was the Melting Color Lip Creamer which I must say should win an award for it’s adorable packaging! it looks like a giant, big girl crayon! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with shade I got, its a color that I can never ever wear. Although I was excited to see it in my box, I will have to give this one away *sob sob*

Glambox, Do you read minds?! I’m pretty sure you do! I’ve been eyeing the Charcoal & Konjac cleansing puff for a while and was planning on getting it on my next visit to The Face Shop. Thank you for saving me a trip!

The Face Shop UAE Social Media: 

Instagram: @thefaceshopuae   |  Facebook: TheFaceShop UAE  

That’s it for this month’s Glambox. I’m not even sure if Glambox team would ever read this, but I’d like to sincerely thank the people that came up with the Korean themed box, the people who organized and arranged for all the products, and the graphical design team that worked on the cute boxes 😀 I loved it so much! Over the past couple of months Glambox has definitely been improving, and I’ve been very pleased with the boxes. Hopefully they will continue getting better and better.

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