Innisfree – Ginger Oil Serum

If you’re in the search for a good night serum that will miraculously give you healthier looking skin within minutes, then you are reading the right post 😀 The ginger oil serum has honestly been my best skincare purchase of 2016 (… so far :P)

Innisfree’s Ginger Oil line was released towards the end of 2015, and contains of 5 products:

  1. Ginger oil skin
  2. Ginger oil serum
  3. Ginger oil rich serum
  4. Ginger oil cream
  5. Ginger oil warming mask

Ginger oil is known to have great benefits for the skin as well as body. Packed with over 40 antioxidants compounds, it:

  • Slows down aging,
  • Removes toxins and improves circulation resulting in healthier looking skin,
  • Tones your skin,
  • Contains antiseptic properties that kill bacteria present both on the skin’s surface & deep inside your pores. This minimizes the appearance of blemishes and acne,
  • Gives your skin a healthy looking glow,
  • Reduces the appearance of hypo-pigmentation* scars by promoting the production of melanin.
  • Helps combat hair loss

*Hypo-pigmentation – areas of skin that are fairer than your normal skin tone. This occurs due to inadequate amounts of melanin (think the exact opposite of hyper-pigmentation)

As I was very excited and curious to see how well the ginger oil would work on my skin, I decided to go for the serum. The ginger oil line actually contains 2 serums – ginger oil serum & ginger oil rich serum. As you could probably tell by the name, the rich serum is more concentrated and provides a higher level of moisturization and nutrition to your skin in comparison to the regular serum. Despite my dry skin, I decided to go for the regular serum (safer option), and included it in my night routine.

After I cleanse my face I would continue with my night skincare routine of:

Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Essence (or light lotion) > Cream Photo 6-17-16, 05 00 18 (1)

In step 3, I would use the Ginger oil serum. The packaging is very sleek, classy, and holds 50ml worth of serum. It comes in a cream colored bottle and a gold cap. It also comes with a pump, which I find to be very convenient in controlling the quantity you use. This serum is unlike any serum I’ve tried so far. It’s consistency is quite thick and creamy (as seen on the image below), has an off-white color and has a mild gingery scent to it. As you massage the serum on to your face, you will experience a very slight warm sensation, which is common with anything that contains ginger extracts. The serum doesn’t really act as an oil per say, as it doesn’t leave an oily/ greasy residue behind. However, it does give a healthy, dewy glow which could be a bit too shiny (depending on how much you slather on) to use it during day time when you are out and about.

 innisfree ginger oil samples

The results with this one are quite surprising. Not only do you notice a healthy glow right after you’ve applied it, but trust me when I say your skin will thank you in the morning! The serum really works on softening the texture of your skin, so even when you wash it off, you are still left behind with smooth, supple, healthy looking skin.

I do believe this serum does wonders. It works really well for those with dry skin, however it could be a bit too much for those with oily skin. It was actually designed as the perfect serum to combat those harsh winter months that dry out and tighten your skin. The serum aims towards nourishing and returning elasticity back to your skin while maintaining a healthy glow.

Will I repurchase the ginger oil serum?

Yes, I definitely do see myself getting this serum again this upcoming winter. However I might have to order it in advance. This serum has proven to be a hit worldwide and is almost always sold out on the innisfree website.

Where did I get mine from?

I purchased mine via innisfree’s website. They offer free international shipping on all orders above 60 USD, and they deliver within 7 – 10 working days (well to Dubai at least)! Innisfree also provides free shipping / discounts on your first order, as well as provide free samples. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will always be the first to know about their monthly sales / deals.

How much did it cost?

It costs AED 119.89 (excluding shipping costs)

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