Innisfree – Ampoule Intense Cushion Review

If only I could explain in words how excited I was to see Innisfree’s 50% sale on cushion foundations. I’ve been waiting for this sale for months! 😀

What are cushion compacts?Photo 7-9-16, 20 46 21

Charlotte Cho, founder of Korean beauty e-tailer, describes it best “In Korea, the cushion compact is considered a fusion of skin care and makeup because it doesn’t just cover your skin, it also improves its look, feel, and health”. Think of it as a compact containing a sponge soaked in your fav. foundation. All you have to do is use the applicator sponge it comes with to gently stamp the product on to your face for a sheer coverage. It is recommended to use the applicator sponge instead of your normal foundation brushes for a air-brushed look as the sponge picks up just the right amount of the formula and unlike brushes when used to apply foundation, it doesn’t leave behind streaks.

Is it hygienic?

This is a common question that arises with cushion compacts, and the answer is yes! The blue applicator sponges that come with the cushion compacts are made out of rubycell technology, making it antimicrobial and antibacterial. However, just to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you wash your sponges on a regular basis.

Photo 7-9-16, 20 45 16So, cushion foundations have been hyped about for quite some time now. Its easy to understand why anyone would want to get a foundation that can easily be thrown in to your handbag without the fear of it spilling out and messing everything. I’m sure I’m not the only one that doesn’t wear makeup every time they go out, yet, I almost always have an emergency makeup bag that has the essentials. Carrying a foundation in your makeup bag is really a pain. Not only are you constantly worried about spillage, but you also have to carry a brush that will eventually mess up your bag anyway 🙁

Hearing all the rave about cushion foundations, I knew this could possibly solve the problem I was facing. So after research and innisfree’s 50% sale, I ordered my first cushion foundation. How exciting!

The one I went for was the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion. This one in particular has the following specifications:

  • Has an SPF of 34 ( rather odd number in my opinion 😛 )
  • The Ampoule Intense Complex™ protects the skin barrier, moisturizing your skin for 24 hours.
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Long lasting
  • The foundation’s formula quickly absorbs into the skin, and doesn’t make your skin look cakey.169018_b0e4537c-8ffc-11e4-8a37-1daa2523fab8

Obviously, I noticed the issue straight away. Korean makeup brands don’t have a wide variety of shades when it comes to foundations and concealers. Almost all the companies I’ve seen prior to purchasing had only 3 shades for their foundation – all of them being for really fair people ie. Korean skin tones. What we may think is fair, Koreans think is tanned. So when choosing your next Korean foundation, keep that in mind!

Honestly, I knew I was testing my luck whilst selecting my shade. I had read many online reviews and decided to stick to the darkest shade they had to offer. Believe it or not, I spent 10 days worrying how my foundation will be too dark for me. Little did I know how far off my worries were.

So as you’ve all probably guessed by now, I got the shade No.23 True beige. From the image provided by innisfree, it looks like its a perfect match for my skin tone. That thought flew out of the window the moment I applied it on my face! If only there was a first impression video that I could show, to explain how shocked I was. This is not true beige! This is suitable for fair people. It was about 2-3 shades lighter than my skin tone! Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, I love how it applies, and how moisturizing it is. It even gives the healthy glow it promises. But what am I supposed to do with something that isn’t my shade?

The kid in me wanted to dissect this cushion foundation and add make my own shade. I did just that 😛  After opening up the cushion part using a tweezer, I got my fav bb cream and a foundation that was slightly to dark, mixed them with the foundation that was already on the cushion and voila, after about 30 min of trying to get the right shade, it was done! I now have a cushion foundation that actually suits my skin tone!

Final thoughts:

In all honesty, I did like how the innisfree cushion performed, and I really do like the technology and idea behind cushion compact. However, I don’t see myself getting another one from a Korean brand anytime soon unless they add more shades. The only Korean brand that I know of that holds a wide variety of shades for various skin tones is Laneige, but they are more towards the pricey side. I’ve heard many western brands have embarked on the cushion wagon, so I’m excited for L’Oreal, Maybelline and Lancome to release their versions in UAE sometime soon.

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