Inn The Park Café Review

Located at the heart of Khazzan Park in Satwa, Inn The Park is by far one of the most aesthetically appealing café I’ve been to in Dubai. Composed of 3 individual buildings, and a main patio with a giant tree right in the middle, it’s hard to miss. Bianca and I were invited to try out their menu and boy oh boy, I have A LOT to share with you guys ?

As the weather is really good in Dubai at the moment, we decided to sit on the open patio right under the big tree that sheltered us from the sun. It was very hard for us to narrow down what we wanted to try out from the menu as everything seemed so good. From first glance, you would be able to tell a lot of effort went in to the menu composition. There is something for everyone irrespective of age or lifestyle resulting in a perfect hangout spot.

After about 10 minutes of meticulously scanning through the menu, we were finally able to narrow down what we really wanted to try out ?

Breakfast (served all day):

For breakfast I opted for a healthy meal that would fill me up yet provide my body the nutrients it needed after a 10 hour fast . My breakfast included a Golden Latte and an Acai bowl.

As an alternative to hard core caffeine, I opted for the Golden Latte.  The golden color is mainly due to Turmeric which is known for it’s numerous health benefits.

[ Fact: Turmeric contains a wide range of antioxidants,  antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also packed with many nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K,protein, dietary fiber, niacin,  potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc ]

I also opted to get the Acai bowl which is basically a really thick smoothie composed of blended frozen bananas and Acai powder. The one served here was also blended with cacao nibs, almond butter, almond milk and garnished with home made granola, fresh bananas, popped quinoa and chia seeds. As you could tell by the ingredients used, the Acai bowl is the perfect breakfast for those in to health and food with good nutritional value.

Unlike all the other Acai bowls I’ve tried so far, The homemade granola was very fresh and crunchy and remained that way as I ate. The Acai blend itself was very tasty. All the ingredients were well blended to form a refreshing and filling meal packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients.

[ Fact: Found in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest, Acai berries are fruits of the Acai palm trees. These small berries are rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids doing your body good inside out. Acai Berries also help in increasing energy levels, boosting the immune system, increasing metabolism and improving the condition of skin and hair ]

Bianca’s been on an avocado binge this week and it came to no surprise that she opted for the Shrimp Taco and the Smashed Avocado.

The Shrimp Taco contained Shrimp and fried avocado Tacos, Asian ‘slaw, Coriander and Chipotle Aioli sauce and fries. It may come as a surprise to many but I’ve never tasted avocado before. So I was quite excited and nervous to try out the 2 dishes Bianca opted for.

Guys, I was missing out! Where are all my avocado fans? The fried avocados can be found under the asian ‘slaw resembling chicken nuggets. I don’t really know much about the science of frying avocado, but it amazes me how they were able to fry the avocado without making the avocado oily! It was perfectly cooked resulting in a dry, crispy exterior and a soft, refreshing and mushy avocado interior. The asian slaw topped with the slightly spicy chipotle aioli sauce was a perfect combination and the fries topped it all off.

The second dish was the Smashed Avocado. The meal was composed of slice of rye bread,  smashed avocado, feta cheese, mint, grilled asparagus and 2 organic poached eggs. Again, this is a rather hearty and healthy meal for those searching for nutritious breakfast option. Also, hands down this was the best avocado mix. It was perfectly smooth and creamy and had a perfect balance of salt and pepper that only enhanced the avocado flavor. You’d think that the bread holding all the ingredients together would have absorbed all the moisture from the avocado mix, become quite soggy and difficult to eat, but that was not the case, the bread was crispy and retained its crunch as we ate.

A common thing we noticed with all the food we ate was that despite the fact it was fried, none of the food was oily. They were crispy and simply delicious.

Main Course:

Our main course was as delicious as the breakfast if not better! We decided to go light and healthy following the hearty breakfast we had a few moments ago

For Lunch the Falafel wrap was a winner! We both loved it and and gave it our self made award of “BEST FALAFEL in Dubai”. Trust me, nothing can beat the falafel wrap by Inn The Park. The wrap includes Chick pea falafels, cabbage, labneh with mint, kale, lettuce and coriander. The falafels were well cooked and not oily at all. The secret behind a non oily falafel is to first bake it, then quickly fry it to give it that crispy exterior. Once you take a good bite out of the wrap, the flavors of all the ingredients blend perfectly well and satisfy all your taste buds, while the minty labneh leaves you feeling refreshed and awake. The falafel wraps get a golden star from me!

Bianca opted for the Mushroom Barley Risotto, an healthy meal composed of barley risotto, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, pecorino cheese and salsa verde (no rice). This meal is for the hardcore health fanatics. The barley risotto cooked have been cooked for a few more minutes to soften it up more, but it was delicious either way. All the ingredients complimented one another well resulting in a refreshing, nutritious meal.


If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then here is the best part. Dessert was slightly on the naughty side (health wise) but we’ve been eating healthy so far so it’s all good!

For dessert we both knew exactly what we wanted. I opted for the Salted Caramel Affogato and Bianca opted for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. We were already mesmerized by the way the desserts looked as it was served, little did we know that our tastebuds would go to heaven the moment we tasted them.

The Salted Caramel Affogato is a combination of espresso and vanilla bean ice cream. One would never think to combine intensely flavored espresso with sweet ice cream, but the Italians have always had their way with food ?  The hot espresso and frozen vanilla bean ice cream combined resulted in a flavorful desert that didn’t fail to impress. The salted caramel took the dessert to a whole new level making it even more difficult to resist. I classify this as a “dessert for the mature” despite the presence of ice cream and salted caramel, the intense espresso seeps through and would definitely wake your senses.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding is the go to dessert for those with an intense sweet tooth. The delicious cake was served with hot toffee sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. This dessert was just as flavorful as the salted caramel affogato. The bottom half of the cake had absorbed the toffee sauce, leaving it very warm, moist and sweet, while the upper half of the cake was deliciously coated with the cold vanilla bean ice cream. Each spoonful will sure leave you satisfied, and the serving size is just enough to satisfy your cravings without causing a major sugar overdose.

All in all I was delightfully surprised with Inn the Park café and in my opinion the location is just perfect. If you are ever in the search for a good hangout spot, or an escape from reality far away from all the hustle and bustle of Dubai, head over to Al Khazzan park ( right opposite City Walk) and bask in the sun, while devouring all the food ?   Once you are done eating, you could always go and enjoy their stunning collection of books!

Fun Fact: Did you know Inn The Park Café is actually powered by Solar energy?

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  1. fatma March 13, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    this really looks nice… i shall be visitng and trying this… thanks for the review..

    • Yusra March 15, 2017 at 11:58 pm

      I’m Glad you liked it Fatma. Try visiting it while the weather is still good, you will enjoy the experience more 😀

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