Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence [REVIEW]

Hello from the cold land of Edinburgh, Scotland. Been a wee bit since I last posted a review, but since I’ve just started my 7 hour car ride from Edinburgh, why not take some time to talk to you all about a new skincare product that I discovered recently.

Huxley Secret of the Sahara essence; grab water has been a skincare staple during my stay in UK. Though it is summer, the weather here is quite different from the hot and humid weather my skin is used to. It came to no surprise the weather change was a huge shock to my skin and dry patches made their much anticipated appearance.

Huxley’s Secret of the Sahara Essence REVIEW:


The clear and super light weight formula looks like water and feels like water upon application. Imagine if water came in a slightly gel like formula. That would be the best way to describe the formula of the Huxley secret of the Sahara essence.

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Layering skincare products works it’s best when you work your way from lightweight to thicker formulas. I tend to apply the Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence after toning my skin. Applying the Secret of the Sahara Essence at this stage preps my skin for the rest of my skincare routine.

When applied to the skin, the essence cools and refreshes the skin while giving it an instant boost of hydration. It quickly absorbs in to the skin leaving no residue behind. To me, this makes the Secret of the Sahara Essence suitable for all seasons particularly summer. None of us want that icky feeling after using any skincare product.

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I’m a sucker for minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing packaging, and the Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence ticks all the right boxes. The transparent glass bottle paired with a transparent and clear product simply makes me happy using it. Think of it this way – No artificial colors and it’s so easy to know when you are running low.

It also comes with a pipette! I have a special spot for skincare products that come with a pipette. It makes our skincare routine easier. Not only is it hygienic, it is also a fool proof method to using the right amount of product. It makes the product more cost effective!

The only negative fact worth mentioning with regards to the packaging is that it’s not travel friendly. The packaging is made of thick glass that does weigh a wee bit even when it’s almost empty ( Yes. I literally finished the essence during my 3 week stay in UK)

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I have to admit that the Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence is overpriced in my opinion. AED 95 for 30ml worth of product that I literally finished up within 3 weeks is definitely of a pinch in the wallet. Luckily, I managed to get an awesome offer at and you can get it too. Check out this offer at and get the Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence (30ml) + Huxley Cleansing Water: Be Clean, Be Moist (200ml) for just AED 125

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Final thoughts:

Huxley Secret of the Sahara Essence has found it’s way in my top 10 essences. I’ve seen loads of Youtubers use Huxley’s products and I’m glad I bit the bullet and got their Secret of the Sahara Essence.

Despite the fact that it worked well for my skin and gave it the extra boost of moisture it needed, AED 95 for 30ml worth of product that I finished up in 3 weeks is just not for me. I would probably repurchase again if I got another awesome offer, but I’m willing to try other essences available in the market.

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