Herbal Essentials saved my skin!

Early January 2017, I got the shock of my life. A severe allergic reaction to Emla numbing cream.

Imagine laying on one of those beds in a skin clinic’s treatment room waiting for your dermatologist to walk in and start your treatment. Your body relaxed and your mind is clear due to the spa music playing in the background. The nurse walks in and starts applying the numbing cream on as the derma pen treatment is said to be painful. The moment she applied it on I knew something wasn’t right. My face was burning! She assures its normal and will fade away in a few minutes.

45 min later …

The dermatologist walks in and starts wiping off the remains of the numbing cream. As soon as she starts, I can tell something has happened. Her face turned pale, her voice starts to break as she explains there is ” slight redness “. She continues wiping it off then hands me the mirror. The reflection I saw on the mirror sent shivers down my spine. I had rashes all over my face. both my cheeks, my nose and my chin were inflamed and bright pink. I was furious, mainly because I told the nurse it burns, and it was only meant to stay on for 20 minutes. Their neglect and unprofessionalism caused this and no one was taking responsibility for it.

5 days later …

My Skin was still the same. No improvement whatsoever, in fact my skin looked worse and felt disgusting. Nothing would reduce it and I started to lose hope and confidence. I believed my skin was ruined.

A random visit to Herbal Essentials kiosk at Mercato Mall, led to an in depth skin analysis by Nadia who was on duty that night. Right from the start she knew something happened. My skin was at its worst, it was inflamed, peeling and sore. The skin analysis device she used on me confirmed it. My skin was damaged and extremely sensitive. I needed intense care.

Thats when she told me to stop all the products I was using on my skin ( none since I got the reaction ) and just use the Herbal Essentials Skin Protection and Healing Cream. Because I believe in Herbal Essentials and I believe in their products I trusted Nadia, and went ahead with just that.


Herbline Essentials : Skin Protection & Healing Cream 

Designed to cater for normal | dry skin and formulated with natural and truly organic ingredients.  This unique, completely natural formulation has a SPF 15 that helps protect the skin from pollution, wind, UV radiation, heat, sun and snow burns. Deeply nourishing, it transforms the look and feel of dehydrated, irritated and flaky skin. It can also be applied to minor rashes and redness on the face and body, including nappy rash to soothing and healing the skin, gently and effectively.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Coco Palm Wax, Aloe Vera Gel, Liquorice, Zinc Oxide, Lactic Acid, Natural Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, FDA approved colour. Paraben and Paraffin Free.


I applied it as soon as I got home, and BELIEVE ME, my skin felt as if someone poured cold water that penetrated the deepestlayer. The presence of Aloe Vera provided a cooling effect that helped my skin relax and the tightness was no longer an issue.  The healing cream is unique in comparison to other healing products I’ve seen in the market so far. It has a thick and creamy consistency, yet quickly absorbs in to the skin leaving no greasy | oily residue behind. As soon as it is applied, it starts working on calming the irritated areas while deeply moisturizing the skin. Another thing I was ecstatic about was its scent! It has the scent of baby products – imagine walking down the isle of baby items in Carrefour 😀

In terms of results, the healing cream must have some sort of super healing powers. My skin showed massive signs of improvement with just one application! All I did was apply a thick layer on my skin and let my skin absorb it all before I headed to bed. The next morning, the inflammation has all gone down, and the redness had gone down by more than 50%. After continuously using it for about 10 days, my skin looked better than ever. It had a healthy glow and all the rashes were gone!

A few days ago I developed another rash but this time it was on my leg. Without thinking much about it I applied the healing cream and slept it off. By the next morning, the rash was completely gone 🙂 The Herbline Essentials Skin Protection & Healing Cream has become my go-to product and has taken over the #1 skincare product that I’d recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.

Where can you get your hands on one?

Herbal Essentials products are available in all Boots and super-care pharmacies. You can also find their kiosk at Mercato Mall and order their products via their website: http://www.herbal-essentials.com/

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  1. Emelie March 29, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    I Love this cream! It’s the best I’ve ever tried! However, I can not find it online and i don’t live in uae. They don’t sell it on the website. Do you know where I can get my hands on the product?

    • Yusra April 5, 2017 at 12:28 am

      Hi Emelie, Yes, unfortunately they don’t sell it on their website and I have no idea why!!! Even in the UAE it’s only available in certain pharmacies 🙁

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