Hidden Gems Around The World – The Gingerbread Box [ November ]

 It’s the time of the month where our taste buds get a treat or 4! Yes, This month’s Gingerbread Box has arrived! Now I know I say this every month, but guys, this month is SO GOOD! And by GOOD, I really mean that with every bite of these delicious treats, my taste buds go in to a some kind of frenzy and just keep asking for more and more that I simply can’t resist!

I can happily say that all the brands featured are totally new to me, which is a really good sign! I mean who wouldn’t enjoy trying out new brands and their snacks?! What makes this month a great box is the variety of the content in terms of “clean” and “sinful” treats. The brand that stood out to me the most has to be Encas. I wish I had known about their existence prior to this box, coz, I would have easily become a regular or a VIP member (just saying :D)

The deal with Encas is that they combine the best of clean eating and tasty snacks! I for one have really been trying my ultimate best to cut down on the unnecessary unhealthy food, and you’d be surprised as to how many snacks under the “healthy snack” corner of any supermarket are actually not! So I have stopped buying those, but my taste buds are still craving for some delicious tasty snack on a regular basis. Well, Encas just solved that problem for me!

Encas offers delicious beautiful, natural and nutritional indulgence. They don’t compromise on the taste of their snacks, while providing raw products that are paleo, vegan friendly, and are free from gluten, dairy, grains and refined sugar. What really attracted me to their philosophy though is that they don’t sell their products on the basis of how many calories it has, rather the health benefits of authentic, natural and unprocessed ingredients.


This month’s Ginger bread box came with 2 cute Encas packages bearing their Carré Products. Essentially they are little squares that are a mixture of natural ingredients in 3 different layers: A crunchy base, a delicious filling and a chocolate top. These little square aim to give us just the perfect amount of energy and nutrients that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you healthy! Each box contained a small cube of their 4 different flavors:

  • Carré New-York: Caramel & Peanut
  • Carré Stop to Zanibar: Orange & Ginger
  • Carré Beautiful Istanbul: Rose & Pistachio
  • Carré Magical Bali: Coconut & Dark Chocolate.


Next up is the Nathalie’s Signature Granola and Cinnamon Palmier. Let me just say that the cinnamon Palmier couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been craving a Cinnabon for the longest time but kept putting off coz I didn’t want to ruin all my hard work at the gym by gobbling down 800+ empty calories. That craving is long gone now thanks to the Cinnamon Palmier. Not only is the packaging super cute and pinterest-y but the content is delicious! Its crunchy, has the right amount of cinnamon and just takes me to a happy place.

Similar to Encas, Nathalie’s is a coffee and kitchen concept is serving healthy and wholesome food that’s prepared fresh daily, free of any additives, preservatives, and words you can’t pronounce. You should have been sold by now, coz I just love it! It feels amazing to know that there are many beautiful gems like Nathalie’s that care about those interested in their health and improving their nutrition. Also their products actually taste good and makes eating healthy a fun experience and not a stressful chore!


Nathalie’s Signature Granola has to be by far the best granola I’ve tasted till date. Besides the fact that its healthy, you can also have it in multiple ways: As a mid-day snack, or even as cereal.  Also I think it’s important to point out that I’m not one that fancies granola bars, but this one is an exception! Willing to eat it everyday if possible 😀


Finally we got a mysterious looking black box that got me wondering about it’s contents. I immediately assumed it to be a waffle, so I was rather delightfully surprised to see that it was actually an assortment of delights by Divan Patisserie. It contained so many beautiful treats that are of different shapes, colors, sizes and just full of flavor! Totally saving these for my sweet tooth cravings!

We also got a bunch of awesome vouchers from the Waffle Factory 😀

I totally loved this box, and had I known the contents before hand, I would’ve probably ordered 2 of every thing 🙂 This box sealed the deal for me and get a 6/5. Yes, I loved it that much!

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