This month’s Glambox came just in time! I’ve been out of the country for a while now and just as I got back, my box was delivered 😀  Also, the August Glambox surprisingly features 2 brands that I was eyeing for a while but kept them on my wish list for the longest time. I can tick them off now 😀

The first thing I noticed was the Dermalogica facial trial kit! The packaging itself is super adorable I am finding it so difficult to convince myself to use up the products 😛 The trial kit came in a small, dark grey, transparent plastic zipper bag that contained the 5 samples: precleanse sachet, special cleansing gel sachet, skin hydrating masque sachet, skin renewal booster (10ml bottle), and a skin hydrating booster (10ml bottle). I’m planning on using these up within the next two days during my spa night and see how they perform. I’m particularly excited that these products are all about maintaining the skin’s natural moisture levels and giving it a hydration boost. My skin is certainly looking forward to that after my Indonesian trip 😀

The next thing that caught my attention had to be the Avène Couvrvance bronzer mosaic powder. The packaging is very chic, all white and the product name written in silver. Its compact design and decently sized mirror make it travel friendly too! Very suitable to carry around for on the go touch-ups. Unlike the other bronzers I’ve seen and used, this bronzer comes with multiple colors, enabling it to improve the quality of makeup by unifying the skin tone creating a more natural look. It is hypoallergenic – doesn’t cause allergic reactions, non comedogenic – doesn’t clog up your pores, has no scent to it and is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin). I’m sure every one would appreciate this one by its features alone, but I still need to test it out and see how it performs.

image2I think Glambox secretly reads minds, because all their products this month seem to have targeted my pain points. Due to the lack of time while I was abroad, I found it very difficult to keep my hair moisture levels in check. As a result, my hair has become so dry and unhealthy. But my Glambox also contained the Davines’ NaturalTech Well-being conditioner – hydrating for all kinds of hair :DThe conditioner comes in a very sleek travel size tube with 60ml worth of conditioner.  I noticed that the boxes contained either a shampoo or a conditioner, boy am I happy to see a conditioner in mine 😛

Finally, there were 3 deluxe sample sizes of Jane Iredale cosmetics. This brand is very new to me, so I’m glad I got 3 samples to really give me an idea as to weather I like the brand or not. The brand focuses on revealing and enhancing natural beauty through long-lasting pure mineral makeup that is rich in colors and sooting skin care products that nurture the skin. Sounds good right 😀

Disclaimer: I couldn’t really wait as the packaging was so super cute, so this will also be a review of the following 3 items 😛

Jane Iredale – smooth affair facial primer & brightener. The packaging is pretty simple and contains 7 ml worth of primer. I usually try to avoid primers as I haven’t really found one that works really well on my skin and doesn’t break me out. Good news is, I think I just have! The primer is has a pearl white color and glides really well on the skin. the texture of the primer is much like a nice hydrating facial gel. Unlike most primers I’ve used before, my skin looks and feels as though it has just been moisturized, it doesn’t have that weird silicone finish (which I’m not really a fan of).To put it to the test, I applied my Makeup Forever HD foundation and my skin has never looked so good before, I couldn’t believe that the skin I was looking at was mine! Lasting power is awesome as well. I had it on for about 8 hours, usually by the 3 hour mark, the areas around my nose and lips would start to crease, this time however, the foundation still looked like it was applied 30 min ago 😀 I will definitely test it out further and update you all 🙂

Jane Iredale – longest lash mascara. When I first saw the packaging, I though this could be a serum or a cream of some sort, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed a mascara! So cute! The mascara wand is very similar to the Revlon super length mascara, so I was excited to see if it did my lashes any good. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite like this mascara. I had high hopes but it just didn’t work out! This isn’t a mascara that gives volume at all, but gives length, so for those of you that prefer lengthening mascaras, this could work for you. Another thing is that you really have to work quick with this one, I find the formula to be slightly tricky to work with, as it is sticky and causes my lashes to stick together. I had it on for about 8 hours and by the end of the night my eyes were irritated by the tiny fibers caused by mascara fall out.

image4Jane Iredale – pure lash extender and conditioner. Again the packaging of this one was super cute and adorable, but not easy to use when its time to apply. I accidentally poked my eye and filled it with product while trying to coat the tiny lashes at the corner of my eye as it was so hard to apply with such a tiny wand. I understand we got the tiny sample size, and the full size would solve this issue, but its worth a mention 🙂 This is the first time I ever apply an eye lash conditioner and primer, so I feel my review on this should be considered as a first impression of sorts. Irrespective, I think this is quite good, I conducted a small test to compare its performance. I applied a good coat of it on my right eye, and then applied the Jane Iredale longest lash mascara. Immediately I noticed that I didn’t really need an eyelash curler as my lashes were naturally curled and stayed that way for the longest time! There was a huge difference between my right (with the pure lash extender & conditioner) and my left ( just a mascara on). Needless to say, I do prefer using the lash extender now 😛

In addition to these goodies, we got a number of vouchers offering great deals, which I will be sure to use them up when I can. That was my two cents on this month’s Glambox, hope you enjoyed yours as well.


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