My thoughts on Dermalogica

Those of you that have subscribed to Glambox, would’ve received something or the other from Dermalogica in their August Glambox. I was so happy to get a trial kit containing a couple items that I used up during my at home spa night. Honestly, this trial kit was a perfect introduction to Dermalogica’s products, it contained everything you’d need from step 1 to your final skin care step!

Just a little information about the condition of my skin prior to using the Dermalogica set. My skin is normally quite dry with a slightly oily t-zone, which was manageable up until my recent trip to Indonesia which really disturbed my skin. I’m assuming all the sweating, humidity and long haul flights really had a toll on my skin, leaving it very, very dry and un healthy looking. It’s only natural that my current skin care mission is to nurse it back to health.

After a long day of running around, it was time to unwind and relax. I had some foundation and mascara on, so it was the perfect opportunity to test out all the products in my kit!

Starting off with the precleanse sachet, The first thing that came to mind was how great this cleansing oil smelt. I could definitely point out the hint of lavender which made the whole process of removing makeup so relaxing. I poured the contents in to the palm of my hands and applied it all over my face and neck. I slowly started to massage it in to my skin and watched all the makeup just melt off my skin. I was skeptical about how well it would remove my mascara, but after rubbing some of the oil on to my eyelashes, all the mascara came off without a hassle or at the cost of some lashes! How great is that! I added a few drops of water and just massaged it on to my face, the oil turned in to a thin white emulsion which was easily washed off and left no oily residue behind. What I really enjoyed about this cleansing oil is the fact it is not heavy on your skin unlike most oil cleansers I’ve used in the past. It is very light and washes off easily without leaving any greasy, oily residue behind. Would definitely get the full size version of it asap! [ You can get the full size of the precleanse (150ml) on  Basharacare for 180 AED ]

The next step was the special cleansing gel. I usually avoid cleansing gels that don’t foam up because I simply like to play around with the foam while washing my face 😛 However, this gel was a different story, I found it to be very gentle on my skin, and I believe it really deep cleansed my face. I say “believe” because my face looked as clean as it looks after a good facial at a spa. My face looked healthy and had a lovely glow to it. The good thing though, is that the cleansing gel didn’t make my skin feel dry at all.  I NEED this cleansing gel in my life soon and so do you! [ You can purchase the full size of the special cleansing gel (250 ml) on Basharacare for 149 AED]

Usually I’d apply a serum before a mask, but I decided to change things up a bit this time as its a wash off mask. So the next step for me was the skin hydrating masque. The mask claims to refresh stressed, dehydrated skin and restores suppleness with it’s soothing blend of botanical Bitter Orange, Rosemary and Horsetail mixture. To sum it up, its perfect for my dry, stressed skin! I found that it is very light and easily spreads all over the face and neck. The directions said to leave the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off, but my skin literally absorbed everything within 5 minutes that there was nothing left to wash off after the 15 minute mark 😛 I still rinsed the mask of just in case any residue was left behind. My face instantly looked and felt smoother and more hydrated than usual. The only negative thing I’d have to say about this product would be that I got a slight heating sensation around my nose and cheeks which lasted for about 5-6 minutes. Unfortunately I wasn’t very fond of the scent either, but all in all it’s a good product! [ You can purchase the full size of the Skin Hydrating Masque (75ml) at Basharacare for 175 AED ]

Next step was the Skin Hydrating Booster.  Words can’t express how happy I was to see the words “hydrating booster” on the packaging! My skin needs all the moisture it can get! The hydrating serum has a watery consistency and is clear in color. It is very light on the skin which means your skin will absorb it all very fast! I could notice immediate results in some areas – my cheeks in particular, and there was n0 residue left behind. My skin felt smoother, and looked much healthier than it did a couple of minutes ago! The thing I enjoyed the most is the presence of Hyaluronic Acid which is a well known ingredient in making your skin look and feel its best due to it’s moisture retention abilities. We all know how important it is to have hydrated skin for a healthy, glowing youthful appearance! [ You can purchase the full size of the Skin Hydrating Booster (30ml) at Basharacare for 259 AED ]

The final step in this skin care routine had to be the Skin Renewal Booster. This one intrigued me the most partly due to its name 😛 I struggled to get this serum out of the tube it came in, in the end I gave up trying to get some product out the normal way, and opened up the bottle instead. The serum comes in a translucent, pearl white color. It is quite runny but it is slightly thicker than the hydrating booster. I took a small amount and applied it all over my face and neck, there was a slight tingling, heating sensation similar to the masque, but it wears off within 5 minutes or so. There was no residue left behind what so ever and my skin had a healthy glow by the end of my facial session 😀  [ You can purchase the full size of the Skin Renewal Booster (30ml) at Basharacare for 259 AED ]

Out of the entire kit, I’d have to say that the precleanse, the special gel cleanser and the skin hydrating booster were my absolute favorite! I know my skin loved them and they did my skin good! So in to my shopping cart they go! What is your favorite Dermalogica product?


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