Clear skin is possible!

Just like every one else, we dream of that perfect even skin, free from acne, blackheads and whiteheads. I was determined to get that even, smooth skin that just glowed ( thank you Koreans dramas for giving me a rather weird obsession ). Trust me when I say I’ve tried it all!

From professional facials to at home facials with dermatologist approved skincare products, you name it, and I’ve probably tried it. But after 2 years of really studying my skin and testing out all sorts of products I’ve finally been able to pinpoint 4 products that my skin NEEDS to stay acne free (almost).

1.Clarisonic Fit:

I finally convinced myself after continuously questioning how a “mechanical brush” would be able to cleanse my face without drying it out or  “over cleansing”. Many youtube videos and blog posts later, I made the jump and got my very first Clarisonic Fit. 3 weeks later, and I just can’t wrap my head on why I didn’t get myself a Clarisonic earlier! Granted it is quite expensive, but trust me it’s worth it! Nothing else will matter when you touch your face and its absolutely free of whiteheads and acne. Just expect baby smooth and soft facial skin from here on. By the way, If you are like me, and you really fuss about the cleanliness of your skin, then this is a no brainer as it cleans 6x better than simply using your fingers *no makeup traces left behind!* 

Retail price: 850 AED. Where to purchase:

2. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant:

After a face mapping session at Dermalogica, I was recommended some of their products to help control my oily acne prone skin, this is one of them. I have never used an exfoliant that came in a powder form before, so you could imagine the shock I had when I used this for the first time. This unique rice based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing papin, salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Because it’s a daily micro-exfoliant, it is very mild and gentle on the skin as it strips away the dirt and I find that my skin especially loves it most after a long day with loads of makeup on! It doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves the skin feeling very clean and soft.

Retail Price: 245 AED (75ml) Where to purchase:

3. Dermalogica Breakout Control Gel:

We all get those annoying spots that come at the most inconvenient time or appear in the most unflattering areas of your skin. But after years and years searching for a good treatment to apply on the acne and help it disappear I’ve finally found THE ONE! I was skeptical at first as all the treatment products I’ve tried thus far went in vain. Nothing really worked on my skin. That changed when I had my Face mapping session done by the Dermalogica staff where by they recommended that I get the Breakout control gel and apply it on all the spots I get 2-3 times a day. Lo and behold, THIS WORKS! I remember having a massive, painful ingrown pimple on my cheek. Right after my skincare routine, I applied the breakout control gel all over the area and let it sink in and do it’s magic. Now unlike all the “acne” treatments I’ve tried thus far, this one has no scent, very lightweight, and absorbs in to the skin like a dream leaving 0 residue behind. With regular application, my acne finally disappeared within 2-3 days and my skin was on it’s way to becoming acne free.

Retail price: 229 AED (30ml) . Where to purchase:

4. Herbal Essentials: Purifying Neem Toner:

I already typed up a detailed blog post on this one (read here: Herbal Essentials Neem Purifying Toner) and guess what, I still love it! Its just a perfect way to help sanitize and close them pores. I’ve repurchased this toner and would probably continue to do so until something better comes along.

Retail Price: 105 AED (120ml). Where to purchase:

So that concludes my 4 ultimate skincare products for acne free, healthy glowing skin. I’ve enjoyed the results and they work really well together as part of a skincare routine. Not only has this routine helped clear my acne but also brightened up my complexion and leaves my skin looking much more healthier and radiant. What more can I ask for!

Let me know what skincare products are your must haves in the comment section below 😀 

Much love,

The Beauty Explorer

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