Bobbi Brown’s Masterclass featuring Ahood Al Enzi

I was privileged to have been invited to attend one of Bobbi Brown’s masterclasses on the 20th of February 2017. The event was hosted by the beautiful Ahood Al Enzi and the ever so talented Eliano Bou Assi at the Bobbi Brown store in Dubai Mall. The whole experience was incredible. Bobbi Brown is known worldwide for it’s high quality luxurious products that will make any girl just fall in love, so imagine walking in to their store and meeting their Director of Education & Artistry Eliano Bou Assi and their first ever Arab brand ambassador Ahood Al Enzi. Safe to say it was a one of a kind, and memorable experience.

From the moment Bianca and I stepped foot in to Bobbi Brown we were greeted by the most friendliest staff that took care of our every possible need. The first thing that grabbed our attention had to be the newly released Bobbi Brown Remedies which was described to us by one the their staff and lets say I have a feeling that these will revolutionize the skincare market.

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The event started at 2:30pm and we were guided to a very cosy room at the back of the store. There was a lovely spread of black and pink macaroons that attracted everyone’s attention, as well as a generous bag of Ahood’s signature products waiting for each of us. The masterclass passed in what felt like 5 minutes when in actuality it lasted for about an hour and a half. I’m sure that all the attendees would agree with me when I say this masterclass was eye opening, educational and entertaining in more ways than one. We got more than what we bargained for, not only did Eliano share his tips and tricks to achieve Ahood’s signature smokey eye look, but he also shared the importance of skincare before anything. 

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Ahood Al Enzi surprised us all with her charming personality that captivated everyone’s hearts. Her witty sense of humor and constantly sharing her tips and tricks lightened up the atmosphere and enabled us all to freely interact with one another. As you can tell from the pictures below, Ahood’s bubbly personality shined throughout the masterclass as she had her eye makeup done and face retouched by Eliano.

As quoted by Eliano “If you can go outside with just a little bit of concealer, then you have found the perfect skincare routine. If not, then the products you are using are just not good enough”. One of the products you should include in your skincare routine are serums that help with all your trouble areas. This is where Bobbi Brown’s Remedies come in handy. Using the right serum for each of skin concerns can improve your skin’s condition drastically, this means that you may also combine 2 or 3 of the Bobbi Brown Remedies according to your skin’s needs.

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Another point to take note of is the importance of the tools you use to apply your makeup. “I know you have products at home, but most of the time you are using the wrong brushes and won’t get the same effect” Eliano emphasized. Using the right brushes enables you to get the most of your makeup and achieve the flawless look we all aim for. In line with using the right brushes, Eliano shared his top makeup tips:

      1. Always use a light hand when you apply any makeup product. You can build up accordingly.
      2. Match your lipstick and blush accordingly.
      3. The blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks, where you’d blush naturally. When applying blush, a good tip would be to stick to the one finger away from your nose rule.That will be where you stop applying the blush. This tip will help you achieve a subtle flush of color that gives you face a healthy look.
      4. A nude product does not mean the palest brown shade, rather a shade that is similar to your natural skin tone. So a nude lipstick actually refers to a lipstick that is similar to your natural lip product.

Hopefully these tips will help you all achieve a “Photoshopped look but in real life” as Eliano says. It is all about learning how to use the products you currently own and get the most out of them.

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Towards the end of the event, we each got our own Bobbi Brown makeup artist that gave us the Ahood’s signature smokey eye look. The experience was eye opening for me personally as I always stay away from bold looks, but something about it made me feel empowered and fierce.

All in all it was an lovely evening that will forever be etched in to my heart, thanks to Bobbi Brown. In all honestly this event will go in to my top 2017 moments. Thank you Bobbi Brown Middle East for giving me the opportunity to attend and a thank you to all the staff that have worked so hard behind the scenes to make the event possible.

Much Love,

Yusra B.

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