#BlondMe Schwarzkpof Launch Event

Schwarzkpof. Everyone owned a Shwarzkpof products at some point in their life. When I see Schwarzkpof, it reminds me of the times my mum used their hairsprays and shampoos ever since I was a little kid ( we still use them now ). The German brand is well known in the world of hair care, so you can imagine how shocked I was to see an invite to the #BlondMe Launch event 😀 2017 is starting out on a positive note aye ;p

On the 17th Of Jan 2017, I attended the Schwarzkpof #BlondMe Launch event at Carnival Health Spa, and it was a one of a kind experience. Seeing professional hair stylists in their element is always so entertaining as well as educational in terms of hair care and treatment. I’ve never really been one to seek a professional hair stylist or even research about hair coloring & related treatments. I just always had the notion that hair color damages the hair leaving it with 101 split ends and a very rough texture. But, I came to know that that is not always the case.

Emilia Lucka (the gorgeous lady with lovely orange locks in the picture below) – Hair Stylist and Technical adviser for Schwarzkpof, spoke to us about the new #BlondMe line while demonstrating the products on the gorgeous models. What really stood out for me is the diversity of the skin and hair types of the 2 models. As seen in picture below, one of the models had naturally straight hair while the other model was of African descent and had natural curly hair. This is very important especially for people like me – asian with curly, dry and fizzy hair.

There was a live demo where Emilia Lucka dyed the hair of the models. (note: both of the models had their hair bleached the day before and were blonde during the demonstration) The model on the left had her hair dyed ash blonde with lavender, and let me tell you, it was stunning! The lavender was subtle and suited the model’s skin tone just perfectly. The African model ( whom I was really interested in seeing the results ) had her hair dyed in a similar shade to that of Emila Lucka. As you can tell from the image below, her hair caught the color really well. I was so surprised, as I can relate to her hair type. I never thought anyone with curly, let alone African hair, can rock out such hair colors without immensely damaging their hair.

What I learnt from this process is that the #BlondeMe range is quiet safe in comparison to other hair coloring kits out there. I’ve only ever tried the DIY kits that can be found in supermarkets, and they have always annoyed me for a one main reason – the suffocating SMELL. However, even though the demo was held in a small room, there was zero scent coming from the hair dye. The models looked relatively comfortable, so I assume there was no stinging sensation as a result of the chemicals used in the dye. We were also told that due to a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the Blondme range, this range is completely safe and will not damage the hair or cause split end and dryness ( with proper hair care ). It is also safe enough to be used by pregnant women!

Final verdict? I’m very impressed with the BlondMe Schwarzkpof products, the results I saw in the demonstration were eye opening and definitely cleared out some of my misunderstandings re. hair dyes.

I would also like to thank Jeanette from Classy Dubai for inviting me to the Schwarzkpof #BlondMe launch event, as well as the founder & staff of Carnival Health Spa whom have been ever so kind to us always ensuring we were comfortable throughout the event. Also a huge thank you to Schwarzkpof for giving us an amazing goody bag with the ultimate hair care products under the Blondme line. 


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