The Beauty Explorer’s Beauty Edit: Weekend Pamper Night

It’s Thursday night a.k.a Pamper Night! I’m that girl that eagerly looks forward to every Thursday just to get back home, wipe off all the makeup and start off with my pamper night. After a nice hot shower, you’d find me searching for a new Kdrama episode to watch as I proceed with my weekly pamper night, deep cleanse facial routine.

Not only does this routine help me with controlling my skin, but it just makes me feel good! A week of going to the gym, wearing makeup and going out definitely has a toll on our skin’s texture and overall condition. Girls, let’s get real, when our skin is anything but smooth, our mood goes down south and we pretty much feel like shit!

But, I’ve got your back! I’ve been using this pamper night routine for a few years now, and there has been a noticeable change in my skin’s texture and condition. I do admit it’s a rather long routine, however it’s inspired by the Korean skincare routine that has 10-12 steps and as you can see they are skincare goals! The products do change every now and then ( I never stick to 1 product and love to try new things ) but the routine ( order ) always stays the same.

As always, I’m no dermatologist, so do take care with the products you use. I’m simply sharing what works for me and hopefully it could help some of you out.

STEP 1: Cleanse

The most important part of any skincare routine is the cleansing. Whether you wear makeup or not, you should cleanse your face twice a day.

Incorporating a cleansing system to my skincare has been a game changer. It definitely changed my skin for the better, and now I can’t survive without one.

The Clarisonic Mia Fit comes with two speed settings – Delicate and PowerCleanse. Both setting work miracles when it comes to removing makeup, sunscreen and any impurities your skin picked up during the day. I’ve raved about how it has helped me clear my acne scars here if that interests you.

I’ve just fallen in love with the new sleek and compact design. Now we can have clean, smooth skin on the go!

STEP 2: Steam [Open pores]

Getting that effective deep cleanse really depends on this step. To really clean out the gunk from your pores you need to open them up. There are many ways to achieve this, so find the method that works best for you and fits perfectly with your pamper night.

  • Method 1: Invest in a facial steamer.
  • Method 2: Apply a warm towel on your face and leave it on for 5 minutes. [Caution: The towel should not be burning hot. It just has to be warm enough to open up your pores. Facial skin is very sensitive, so be cautious]
  • Method 3: Have a hot shower and stay in your steamy bathroom for 5 minutes. Let the steam open up your pores. When you get out make sure to massage some lotion on your body. This will help increase blood circulation while closing the pores.
  • Method 4: Pour boiling water in a big bowl and expose your face to the steam. You may apply a towel or cloth on your head to trap the steam and create your very own steam room. To get the maximum benefit out of this I prefer to slice up a few lemon wedges and throw them in the water. If your skin is breaking out, then a few drops of pure tea tree essential oil would suffice. If your skin is feeling irritated and slightly sensitive, pop in a few green tea tea bags. Green tea helps sooth and calm down the skin.

  STEP 3: Clay Masks

Now that your pores are open, it’s time to start cleansing them out.

Clay masks can work wonders at this stage (provided you find one that works well for you). At the moment, I’m really enjoying the L’oreal Pure Clay Masks. These affordable beauties ( AED 32.40 from your local Carrefour ) have so far worked really well compared to other expensive brands I’ve tried.

The red pure clay mask – Exfoliate & Smooth with Red Algae, is so far my favorite out of the range. It contains finely milled apricot seeds that gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and all the dirt from your skin. Your skin will naturally appear brighter and feel so much smoother after the mask has been washed off.

During pamper nights, I like to apply all 3 at the same time through the process of multi-masking. Multi-masking means that you apply a mask on a part of your skin depending on it’s condition and needs. For example, I usually apply the charcoal detox pure clay mask on my chin and upper cheeks as those areas usually get a lot of blackheads/ whitehead build up. The Exfoliate and smooth pure clay mask usually goes on the rest of my cheeks. While the purify and mattify eucalyptus pure clay mask goes all over my oily forehead and nose.

STEP 4: Tone [Close pores]

Now that your pores have been through a nice deep cleanse. It’s time to close them pores to minimize dirt going in, and causing a bunch of issues – pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc.

Toners are the way to go at this stage. Use a toner that works best for your skin type. So if you’ve got sensitive skin, I advise to make your toner – Chilled rose water really helps sooth the skin while closing pores. There are numerous benefits of rose water for our facial skin, plus it’s a natural way to tone and close your pores.

At the moment, I’m using the Herbal Essentials Purifying Neem Toner that my skin has been loving for the past 6-8 months. This is my 3rd bottle and I’m not loving it any less. Just pump a bit on to a cotton pad and dab it on your skin. (Interested in reading a detailed review? Check it out here )

STEP 5: Serum

The first thing that should go on to your skin after you’ve cleansed and toned is a serum. Serums are concentrated skincare treatments that target an issue you may face. For example, If your skin has a dull, tired appearance, then you need a Vitamin C serum. If your skin appears to be dry and dull, then it requires a moisture boost. Hyaluronic acid is an amazing ingredient that our body produces naturally to give a youthful appearance as well as help in repairing and protect our skin. There are many serums out there that target so many skin issues. You may use 1 or combine a few, but most importantly listen to your skin’s needs.

[Tip: If you will be combining serums, apply the thinner formulas first]

At the moment, I’m using Timeless Truth Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum and Atoquegen Serum. I like to mix the two together as I’ve received compliments on how brighter my skin appears whenever I use this combo. You can purchase the Timeless Truth serum from Union Cooperation. Unfortunately I got my hands on the Atoquegen Serum during Beauty World Middle East from a Korean Stall and they do not sell in UAE. I’m yet to find a site that supplies and delivers to Dubai!

STEP 6: Overnight mask or sheet masks ( or both )

The final step in any pamper night would be using a mask. As with all steps, I let my skin decide what it needs and follow up with that. The 3 masks I’m currently using are:

On days where I have an important event to attend to, or my skin has been dry, or when I’m just feelin’ fancyyy I double mask! Meaning I first apply a sheet mask for 20 minutes, pat the left over essence on my skin, then follow up with a sleeping mask.

So there you have it, my not so short skin care routine ?  I usually complete my routine while watching an episode of my never ending kdramas and sipping on loads of water. Coz staying hydrated is the first rule to awesome looking skin!

What does your weekly pamper night skincare look like? Do you have any skincare tips that you swear by and always go back to? Help us get awesome skin by sharing in the comment section below!

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