The Beauty Explorer Beauty Edit: A Few New Beauty Finds

If you follow me on Instagram (, then you most likely know that I attended Beauty World Middle East. The 2 day event introduced me to hundreds of new and interesting beauty brands from around the world. With a bag full of samples and a few new purchases here and there, here are my top 4 new beauty finds:

Timeless Truth Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum

I’ve been obsessing over this serum ever since I purchased it during Beauty World Middle East event. It works really well in deeply moisturizing the skin, and results are noticeable from first use. The Timeless Truth Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum has already found it’s place in my skincare routine and weekly pamper night skincare routine (psst, stay tuned, this will be shared on Thursday).


You know when you accidentally find a product that works well for your skin, and you keep thinking how you could’ve missed out? Well, this was one of those products! Came across a Korean stall selling Ato Quegen products during the event. Being a Korean Skincare fanatic, I was intrigued and purchased their serum after testing out their sample. Now a staple in my skin care routine, the Ato Quegen Serum has helped my skin appear brighter and healthier. Pair it with the Timeless Truth Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum and your skin will look much healthier, radiant and have a subtle glow to it.

ATO QUEGEN Moisture Cream

Along with the Ato Quegen Serum, I decided to get their moisture cream. Yet to try this one out as I’m trying to finish the ones I’ve got open at the moment. However, I had the opportunity to try it out during Beauty World Middle East event, and was pleasantly happy with the results. This thick moisturizing cream has the ability to leave your soft and supple with the smallest amount.

L’oreal Pure Clay Mask Trio

I’ve been in the search for a good clay mask to help with deep cleansing my pores. While everyone is raving about GlamGlow, we need something more affordable that we can re purchase without feeling the pinch. L’oreal launched their Pure Clay Mask Trio and I’m lovin’ them so far. I’m particularly fond of the Exfoliate & Smooth with Red Algae (the red one in the picture above). It is the first exfoliating mask I’ve tried that has left my skin feeling clean without drying it out or leaving behind a slightly oily residue.

I’ve also tried out the Detoxifying and Brightening Charcoal pure clay mask and I have thoughts to share. In a nutshell, I believe it outperforms my trusty old Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (read my review on it here) which also happens to be Innisfree’s best seller!

Interested in a L’oreal Detoxifying and Brightening Charcoal pure clay mask vs. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask blog post? Let me know in the comment section below ✌?


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