Acne control with COSRX

Acne stresses us all out, I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets depressed when a new one pops up every now and then. I’ve tried every thing I possible could to stop getting acne all together, but you soon realize that its not something you can stop, but you can certainly minimize them and and improve the quality of your skin.

You’re all probably familiar with my current obsession with Cosrx. This brand simply works for me! Their vision to maximize good components and minimize harmful ingredients while maintaining a reasonable price range is very rare to find these days. What I admire about Cosrx though is that most of their products contain naturally based ingredients which is always a good thing!

One of their skincare range lines is the ‘ Adult Acne and Scar ’. The 3 products that I’ve found to be very effective are from this line. You would notice that there is a white and red theme going on for all their acne control products.

Before we get started, I’m sure many of you will be surprised and perhaps a little worried upon reading the word “Acid” in the ingredient lists. Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that works to gently remove all the dead skin cells that take away the “natural glow” of your skin. BHA is best if you are suffering from clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, or enlarged pores. It is also suitable for those with sensitive to irritated skin.

When my I noticed my minor breakout, I knew that something I was doing or using was just not working out well for me. So I decided to change some major skin care routine products with the Cosrx products. And after 3 weeks of using them day in and day out, my results speak for themselves.


Marketed as “ A Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser that reduces acne breakouts and promotes clearer skin. ” The Salicylic Acid is a BHA exfoliant that rids your face of dirt and makeup residue this in turn stops the sebum in your pores our in to blackheads and whiteheads.

Upon opening the cleanser I noticed a strong and distinct tea tree scent. This could potentially be a turnoff for many people, but I don’t really mind it at all. The cleanser comes in a cream form that slowly turns in to micro bubbles after rubbing it in to the palm of your hands with some water.

I use the BHA cleanser on a daily basis ( morning and night ). During my morning routine, I would use use my hands and apply a small amount of the cleanser and massage it all over my face and neck. During my night time routine, I usually use a cleansing brush ( mechanical exfoliant ) to help me get the maximum results and exfoliate all the dead skin cells. The result, softer and brighter looking skin. The cleanser doesn’t dry me out nor did it break me out which is a good sign!


The Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol toner has become a staple in my skincare routine. It “contains natural BHA to control oil while helping to clear away recurring pimples. A non drying acne treatment solution for those with sensitive skin”  Honestly this product should just be labeled as a miracle worker for reducing and minimizing the appearance of acne!

Its best used directly after cleansing your face,I usually like to apply about 2 pumps worth of the toner on to a cotton pad, and gently pat it all over my face, paying extra attention to areas with acne. This too has a distinct scent of Tea Tree and something else that I can’t pinpoint, but it’s not as strong as the cleanser. It also contains Alcohol which works on helping the product dry up faster and is also an astringent.

Results are amazing! Whether you are suffering from big, painful cystic acne or just the occasional breakouts, the toner really helps to reduce and soothe the area down. Dramatic results are usually visible within the first 2 days. I strongly believe these result were made possible due to the 60%  Black Bee Propolis Extract which is an excellent ingredient for soothing and calming the skin. It also helps in managing oily skin by controlling the sebum secretion. This means if you have oily skin, you’d probably need this to avoid the dreaded oily T-zone!

The main reason why this toner is my ultimate fav. toner is due to its outstanding performance, affordability and great ingredient list to back it up.


Finally we have the Acne Pimple Master Patch, after I’m done with my entire skincare routine, I like to apply a pimple patch as and when needed. These are an excellent way to clear away your acne asap. The patches are there to absorb the acne’s secretion, acts as a barrier to bacteria and dirt, as well as acts as a blemish cover.

The packet comes with 24 patches that come in a number of different sizes ( use whatever you see would properly cover the acne you are treating ). after you have cleaned the area, stick the patches directly on top of the acne and let it stay there till the acne has reduced in size, and the patch has absorbed all of it’s impurities.

I’m not going to deny this, but initially I was very skeptical about the performance of these patches as they seemed very gimmicky. But, I take my thoughts back! these patches work. Those tiny sticker-like things literally absorb all the gunk out of your pores and significantly reduce the size of that spot. When you finally remove the patch and look closely, you will notice a white spot – that is all the gunk it absorbed.

Honestly, these products have become a holy grail, and I would recommend for every one to give acne fighting another shot with Cosrx. They have worked amazing on my skin, and I’m sure they would with anyone else. If I had to select 2 products out of these as my ultimate favorites, It will have to be the Natural BHA Skin returning A-Sol and the Acne patches!

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